We are a family business based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. We love the ocean and we’ve always been passionate about nature and the environment. While travelling around the Pacific and Indian Oceans, we were shocked to see the effects of plastic pollution with our own eyes. Trash was washed up everywhere on the shores of beautiful and remote paradise islands.

Plastic is everywhere nowadays, it is overflooding our daily lives. It’s estimated that 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic has been created in the last six decades since plastic production began and most of it still exists today! This is an unimaginably large volume, given how lightweight plastic is. It’s ironic that plastic lasts for centuries and yet we mainly use it to create single-use items and only a small fraction of plastics end up being recycled or repurposed.

We are very worried about the planet that the next generation will have to live on, so we decided to make it our mission to encourage people to change their disposable lifestyles and reduce single-use plastic consumption by making small and simple changes in their everyday habits. We realised that we had to be able to show people sustainable and reusable alternatives that could replace disposable plastic items. With this in mind, the journey of Ecobits Sustainable Solutions began.

After months of research and testing we developed our first product, the reusable produce bags. They can be used hundreds of times and have the potential to replace hundreds of single-use plastic produce bags. They are made from recycled material, so they keep plastic bottles out of the environment and give them a second life.

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